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Senior Pets Look For New Homes
Written by Bruce Ferrell   
Monday, 14 January 2013 08:12

(RALEIGH) -- While many new puppies and kittens are now in the hands of loving homes after the holiday, shelters continue to see aging pets - often relinquished by owners who no longer can, or want, to care for them. It's a problem that Second Chance Pet Adoptions of Raleigh, sees on a regular basis.

Sara McCormick is the development coordinator for the organization. She says the decision to give up a beloved pet is often difficult for its owners.

"It's not just people are suddenly like 'oh, I'm going to abandon my pet.' They definitely are cases of hardship, and we do the best we can to direct them to places that can help them,” she says.

According to Tufts University, one in four pets is brought to animal shelters because of issues related to advanced age.
McCormick points out that older animals are often a good fit for people who want companionship but may not have energy for a puppy.

Among the shelter's aging pets is a pair of sibling retriever-Lab mixes named Gracie and Bogie, McCormick says.

"Gracie and Bogie were adopted as puppies from us, and then 10 years later, they were returned to us because their owners just didn't want them anymore. So they've been with us for over a year now and we're still looking for homes for them."

McCormick says her shelter and many others have a large number of adult cats who are unwanted because they are on special diets. She says people often don't realize how little a special diet can cost for an animal.

Donations to her shelter are down by 14 percent, she adds. Second Chance Pet Adoptions serves Wake and surrounding counties. Information about the shelter is available at

(With Contribution from Stephanie Carson, North Carolina News Service)

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