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DOT Tips During Work Zone Awareness Week
Written by Michael Papich   
Monday, 23 March 2015 16:07

RALEIGH - An engineering technician with the North Carolina Department of Transportation was killed Monday when a driver hit him. This tragic incident comes during National Work Zone Awareness Week. Mark Mueller, spokesperson with the state DOT, says there are two main causes of accidents in work zones.

"National data demonstrates that, on average, 85 percent of the deaths that occur in work zones are the drivers and passengers of cars," Mueller says. "The majority of work zone crashes are a result of speeding and driver inattention."

During the Spring, road construction picks up and Mueller says there are a number of tips for drivers when entering work zones.

"If you're merging into another lane, try not to wait until the last minute," Mueller says. "If a flagger stops you, be patient and realize the inconvenience is only temporary."

Last year, there were more than 4,000 crashes in work zones on the roads, injuring almost 2,000. Mueller says speed is particularly important to watch in these areas.

"If you get pulled over in a work zone, it's a $250 fine attached to that," he says. "Obviously, no one wants that."

Mueller also warned against having distractions in the car when entering a work zone.

"That includes cellphones. Obviously, you're not supposed to be texting while driving anyway but make sure you put that cellphone down," he says. "Not only when you're driving, but when you're driving through a work zone."

National Work Zone Awareness Week goes from Mar. 23 to 27.



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